Bounty Bars


  • 2 Cups of Desiccated Coconut (180g)
  • 1/2 Cup of Melted Coconut Oil (125ml)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Honey/Maple Syrup
  • 120g of Dark Chocolate

I’m a coconut fiend as of late and these homemade bounty bars are the dream. The filling is so delicious, sweet and with the perfect crumbliness. They’re quick and easy to make and only use four ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard already.

IMG_3450Add everything except the chocolate to your food processor and blend on high for about five minutes (five actual minutes, don’t stop!). You are trying to cream the coconut rather than just mix everything together. When it’s ready it should look fluffy but when you squeeze it in your hands it should stick together.

Press the mixture firmly into a small baking tin lined with parchment paper.

Pop it in the freezer for about half an hour to set. Melt your chocolate and lay out some parchment paper on a large plate or baking sheet.

Remove the coconut from the freezer and slice into whatever shape/size you want the bars to be.

Dip the bars into the dark chocolate and place them on the parchment paper.

When you’ve coated all of them put them in the fridge or freezer until the chocolate hardens.

Store them in the fridge.


11 Comments to Bounty Bars

  1. These sound fantastic! I will have to make them. 🙂

  2. What are you doing to me? These are just amazing!

  3. Maureen Mallon says:

    This is Brendan’s favourite recipe so far! Yum

  4. Rebecca O Sullivan says:

    My mam loves your bounty bars i tried them and there so tasty
    I cant wait to try more of your fantastic recipes

  5. Carmel says:

    Love the bars! Frustrated with food processor as mixture seems too dense to process properly – have to keep moving it!

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  7. Irene says:

    These must be fantastic! I can’t find coconut oil where I live. Can I replace it with something else?

    • Indy Power says:

      Hi Irene, unfortunately coconut oil is very important for this recipe. Have you tried ordering it online? I’m not sure where you’re based but there are lots of websites that deliver x

  8. Orlaith says:

    Can you send me the macros for the bounty bars

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