I graduated from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) with a business degree and went on to study Nutrition & Health Coaching at the IINH. My passion is food, real honest to goodness, healthy food and my food philosophy is simple: eat to feel good. The best kind of food is food that doesn’t just make you feel good when you’re eating it, but afterwards too. The easier it is to eat well, the more likely you are to look after yourself- and the people around you. There are so many gorgeous ingredients out there that can help you feel your best while satisfying your body’s needs as well as your taste buds . Eating real, natural food has so many amazing benefits and I’ve seen incredible changes in my digestive health, skin and mood all while eating incredibly delicious food. My cooking isn’t about giving up things, least of all taste. It’s about embracing natural, nutritious and nourishing foods. I’m constantly experimenting to develop new recipes and put a healthy twist on some old favorites. My recipes are nutrient-rich, gluten free and refined sugar free, with many paleo, dairy free and vegan options.

x Indy Power

I’m incredibly excited to say that my first cookbook is out now! You can get your copy here.

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